Post 1-My first post

Dear Readers,

So, my first blog post (OK, OK, so its actually for my Uni subject-build a bridge people……)

Well my name is Joe Lyons (Joseph Lyons to be exact but alas I am no relation to the former Prime Minister and anyways I’m 26 so calling me by my formal name just isn’t cool!).

While I’m willing to admit that a teenie tiny part of me enrolled in this unit so I had a full study load (hey at least I’m honest) my main reasoning behind enrolling in INB346 is because I do love the technology that is the interwebs (as such I am a regular user of Facetube and Youbook sites).

I’m interested in the fact that you really can find anything on the internet if you search enough.

I’m interested in the fact that slowly but surely we (being the worlds internet users) have moved from an internet where the information is thrown at us and we are expected to hang on for dear life, to an internet where we can edit and control not only the rate at which content is thrown at us but the content itself!

I’m interested in the fact that in the age of “The Web 2.0” we can not only share and view information but also edit, collaborate on and share information and ideas and not be concerned about large distances or different timezones.

I am interested in the fact that not only is this a trend that is becoming awfully big in the window (note the Apollo 13 reference) of our social lives but a trend that is also becoming increasingly mixed up in the vast void that is the world of business. As such, a unit entitled “Enterprise 2.0” seems quite pertinent and I am quite sure this unit will expand my knowledge and change my perspective on all of these subjects.

Finally, just because, a good thing that happened to me this\last week was starting uni again (yes well may your jaws drop but its a long story and yes I’m glad to have uni on my plate again)!

Well, that’ s a wrap!



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