Post 2-Me and the Blog

Dear Readers,

Well, after many attempts to power on the after burners and create a second blog post that was, as my readers will no doubt attest, as riveting as the first, I’m just not sure this one raises the bar in any way. It has been a long few days, however it is early days yet for The Lyons Den and it is time to give the readers at least a small portion of what they want…….

I am willing to admit that I am new to the world of blogging like a new born bub is new to the concept of nuzzling up to the family Labrador for a nap however I feel that it is something I would like to continue with if for no other reason than to vent my frustration on an afternoon after a full day of nose to the grind stone. I would like to share my thoughts on technology, the blogosphere and life in general, especially life from the view of someone who can only ever raise himself to a height of 3 feet and gash peoples ankles with his footplates! I would like my horizons expanded through and my posts created from research and taking time to meet and share with other like minded people and finally (and most narrow mindedly) sometimes I just want AN OUTLET!!!!

It must be said at this point that during my schooling years I was a quiet, well meaning, disciplined chap who always did what was expected of him with little fuss (yes, yes, “teachers pet” I hear you whispering under your collective breaths). I feel that as I get older all that chatter I suppressed for all those years of Algebra and “Show ‘n’ tell” is starting to be unleashed. Therefore, don’t be surprised to come back only to have your world assaulted by the ramblings of a four-wheeled soapbox at least once a week. I intend to blog on whatever subject takes my fancy whenever it tickles my tum!

I also wish, from time to time, to introduce a blog to my readers that I think is excellent in some way shape or form and then go about explaining why. Lets call it the “Roar” award.

This weeks “Roar” goes to Mr Adam Hills, writer, comedian, presenter and generally nice guy. A guy I have looked up to for many years as inspiration for going into Stand-up (or in my case Sit-Down) comedy (well I had to have a backup after my quest to become a male model hit the skids!). He is also the bearer of a false leg so I feel a close bond with Mr Hills. It is his friendly, outward, honest and funny outlook and presentation that have ensured that every time he comes to Brisbane, I will be there to stalk him in the audience!

Big ups to you Adam!

Well, consider the steam let off for one more week. Be sure to tell your friends (as I have told mine) and tune in next week for another THRILLING installment. Until next time…..

Thats a wrap! 🙂

(Note: this post was actually meant to be published days ago however a certain four horsemen have only just left and normal service will be resumed as we get the house in order…….)


2 Responses to “Post 2-Me and the Blog”

  1. 1 Sirous
    13/08/2011 at 5:28 pm

    Happy to see you started blogging. Expand your writing to strategies that help you brand yourself through blogging, what make a successful blog, how to advertise your blog, etc. Try to support your ideas with some sources. Make your style of writing a little bit simple and take care abour gramatical errors.

  2. 29/08/2011 at 11:15 pm

    Great post! I really like the informal approach you have to blogging and your writing style is clear and easy to understand! Looking forward to more!

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