Post 4-Social Media

Dear Readers,

I did warn you that sometimes you would be hit with a double whammy from The Lyons Den and today is one of those days.

Recently in my role as a Web 2.0 consultant I have been learning about and experiencing first hand the benefits of companies out on the big wide world, selling everything from sprockets to sports cars, getting involved in social media to advertise their brand and get their new and existing customers involved. From becoming involved in social media, companies can experience the following benefits:

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased customer engagement.
  • Increased knowledge of a particular brand, good or service and, seemingly very important to companies the world over, increased reputation and good name.

(NB-there are of course dis-benefits to companies getting involved in social media  but as the writer of this blog is a devout optimist they shall not be mentioned in this blog.

One company to adopt social media on a large scale and to pull it off well (like they do a lot of things in the view of this rev-head-minded writer) is the purveyor of “the ultimate driving machine” BMW.

BMW created a mass social media advertising campaign to celebrate the launch of the 1-series. The campaign called for users to do a spot of colouring in to personalise a pre-defined image of the car, in order to express the personality of the “colour in-er” as well as to emphasise the individuality of the car itself (for anyone who has seen the car in question “individual” is a nice way of expressing how a 1-series looks!).

They did this by posting links to the contest on social media be all and end all website Facebook. From there, users were able to colour into their hearts content, upload and share their images with their friends, have the posts about their activities in friends news feeds and when the images appeared online through search engines, they were able to capture the imaginations of other bloggers and social commentators.

As you can imagine this did wonders for increasing the awareness of the BMW brand, and did an excellent job of engaging new and existing customers. On a side note Facebook noted an increased volume of traffic as users interest in this campaign took over.

On a less public but no less effective scale we come to the example of technology behemoth Novell and their use of wikis. They have taken to wikis like a duck takes to water (or a fat kid takes to cake) and wikis have become integral to the development of Novells software and the teams that do the development. They have also lead the company to streamline their processes and take much more control of their management and planning. As a result of having more information at their fingertips more quickly, employees have become more productive and have been able to more effectively collaborate with colleagues, allowing more effective solutions to problems being created and shared with more employees.

This fact is most easily summed up by Ray Simms who is head of Novells Global Knowledge and Learning department:

“many development teams now cannot imagine doing their work without wikis since the wiki’s accessibility provides significant productivity improvements over traditional methods such as email and siloed desktop applications.”

No doubt wikis have become an integral part of what makes Novell the global technology leader it is today.

Well, I’m pleased to have kept things positive today. Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment!

That’s a wrap 🙂

Notable References: Making wikis work at Novell and an article on the above mentioned graffiti contest by BMW


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