Post 8-Wikis and the IGC

Dear Readers,

In the last post (no pun or disrespect intended) I talked about how Microblogging could be used by the IGC as part of its conference that is due to be held in Brisbane. However, there are many other Web 2.0 technologies that could be utilised by the IGC to achieve its objectives. One of these is the Wiki, the most famous of which can be found here.

So, what is a wiki? Well, A Wiki is one or more webpages formulated into a website that can be edited by many users and is most effectively used as an online collaboration tool. It can have many purposes; everything from storing knowledge on a particular subject to organising the equipment needed for a camping trip can be done using a wiki.

And why would individuals and organisations want to adopt the wiki (I’m making it sound like a pet arent I?)? Well, since their invention, wikis have been known to reduce the volume of email being sent and received between users, improve communication between individuals and groups, provide a framework, workspace or template for users wishing to undertake group work and reduce the amount of time employees spen looking for relevant information because a database of knowledge is just a few clicks away.

Thats all great but how can wiki’s be utilised by The 34th IGC? Well, as stated before, wikis can be used to organise a trip, or to organise a group of people for a trip. The IGC could create separate wiki spaces for each country that is due to be present at the conference. On this wiki, the delegates from each country could collaboratively work out the arrangements for travel, accommodation and even the sessions that each delegate is going to attend. In addition, this wiki could also be expanded with input from representatives from the IGC with information that the delegates might want or need to know. All of this would ensure an organised, enjoyable and work[thwhile experience for the attendees.

OK. The IGC have these wikis set up but how do we get into using them. Would could the IGC do to ensure their investment was worthwhile?

  • Promote the wiki and get it out there. Point users in the direction of the wiki. Whats the point of a wiki if no one knows it exists or uses it? The IGC could post a link to it on their website or the other social media platforms that are out there.
  • Push information to the wiki. This is where the IGC would come in. A wiki will almost certainly be used for the wrong purpose or not at all if there is not some sort of framework relating to what it should be used for.
  • Make it truly a platform that allows the users to collaborate. Make the space secure but give the users the ability to add whatever they want to the space (provided it is relevant) in order to make the information worthwhile for the present but also the future as well.

By using Wikis, the IGC will be safe, well planned, enjoyable and ultimately worthwhile experience not only for the IGC but also the delegates as well.

Finally, before I go, I thought I’d share some info with you that relates to wikis but is outside the realm of the IGC. If you go here you can read up on wikis that are live NOW and that work (and work well). Additionally, if you go here you can find a very interesting article on how wikis can be used for business projects.

I’m off to collaborate on a trip to the beach. That, dear readers, is a wrap! 🙂


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