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This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius……

Dear Readers,

Hello! Miss me?

Well, now that my short-lived but not entirely unsuccessful career as a Web 2.0 consultant is at an end (the other posts on this blog so far are the children of this) I can now get back to using this blog as I see fit, serving up a regular dose of the dim-witted, corrupt, sick, warped, twisted and somewhat humourous tom foolery you have come to expect from The Lyons Den. This blog will now be ENTIRELY devoted to my personal and professional pursuits and cover topics from the personal, to the technological and geeky and even the down right disturbing (though I promise to keep these to a minimum). I cant guarantee that everything you read will be as light and fluffy as a good pavlova and would even cautiously use the words “vent” and “outlet” but keep an open mind in your head and a stiff drink by your side and I’m sure we’ll all get through this 🙂

For starters, as its almost the end of 2011 as I write, I would like to talk about my New Years Resolutions. I have been on holidays/vacation for some weeks now and because, just for something different, I was terribly and totally organised for Christmas this year, I’ve had little else to do but think ahead. Of course, the end of one year makes me think about what I want to achieve from the next. So (because I believe in being honest and because I want my friends and family plus any other hangers on to hold me accountable), here goes. My resolutions for 2012:

  • Find a new church……thats it…..for those expecting a silly remark, sorry!
  • I want to reduce by Calorie intake. Those of you who know me and have been unlucky enough to see me in the flesh will know that I am rather partial to my calories but this year I want to turn my salt and vinegar potato chips into a much healthier alternative and I want to replace my soft drinks with tonic water and cordial.
  • I want to not only buy but also actually read every edition of my favourite motoring periodical (only my Australian readers will know which magazine I am referring to).
  • I want to work on ME! I want to go to the gym, get fit and strong and lose a few kilos all while working on my self esteem.

To elaborate: my best friend-a young lady I met at church some years ago and someone who is as gorgeous on the outside as she is on the inside-told me at the beginning of 2011 that she would like to visit one of our local motor shows (or Auto Show for my American readers). As I come from a city with no motor show, I was thrilled to possibly have the opportunity to spend the day in one of my favourite environments with my favourite person (the next one is in 2012). However, my slightly overweight, rather unshaven paraplegic body is not something that should be seen with the naked eye and as such something must be done to correct this imbalance or else many millions of people will be subjected to a scene akin to “Beauty and the Beast”. In short, I want to go from Jabba the Hut to George Clooney and I want to be someone that my beautiful best friend (who I know loves me for who I am inside) would LIKE to be seen with not HAVE to be seen with!

Finally ladies and gentlemen, to show you that I want 2012 to be the best year yet and not one full of doom and gloom. I have decided, ladies and gentlemen that I want my New Years resolution to be 7680×4320…….see what I did there? :-p

All the best for 2012 everyone. Looking forward to being your blogger of choice for this year and many to come. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap 🙂


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