The technological and personal ramblings of someone who is always looking up and will never stand for anything…….

Well, this will serve as both a professional and personal blog (and for a short time, served as my blog during my time as a Web 2.0 consultant), so, professional info first:

  • I have been in the industry since 2002.
  • I hold a Cert 2, 3, 4 and Diploma in Information Technology (with a Bachelor of Information Technology to come).
  • I am Prince2 Foundation qualified and am a member of the Australian Computer Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Association for Computing Machinery and the System Administrators Guild of Australia.
  • Finally, I am an Entrepreneur, operating a business providing IT Sales, support, installation and repairs, IT Consultation and website design and development services based in Brisbane, Australia.

Now for the personal info:

I am a former musician (guitar, piano and drums are my favourite instruments), a sports fan, a brother, a friend and a Christian.

I love music and I am a self-confessed Rev Head. Both petrol and music run through my veins and are very big parts of my life.I love Rock and Jazz.

I am fiercely loyal to my friends-mess with them and you mess with me! I don’t give away secrets; don’t expect me to reveal hints about birthday presents and don’t ever think I will reveal something that someone else has told me not to. I don’t like people who take things too seriously and I believe growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.

I don’t like being called or referred to as “mate” or “buddy” and I get annoyed when people spell my name “Jo” instead of “Joe”, particularly those people who I’ve known for a while and should know better!

I am a paraplegic and have been confined (though I use the term loosely!) to a wheelchair all my life. I have no use of my lower limbs and therefore am unable to stand or walk without lots of assistance.

I believe nothing is impossible. I’m not and don’t plan on ever being a person who accepts ordinary, a person who conforms to society, a stereotypical disabled person and a person who cant impact and change lives. I believe in focusing on what you CAN do and not what you cant. I believe that I don’t have a disability, I just have a different ability(So don’t DIS my ABILITY).

I believe that my wheelchair is only a physical thing and doesn’t make any difference to who I am inside; it certainly doesn’t mean I cant impact people.

Finally, I get high on HUGS not DRUGS and I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs but I’m HIGH ON LIFE!!!

Disclaimer: I am not, and my blog (or any part of it) is not associated with any existing business, organisation, association or enterprise external to my own. Any link as such is purely conincidental and not intended.

Another disclaimer: Just a reminder that the opinions expressed by Joe Lyons (me!) are not necessarily those of a human being……..


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