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Post 4-Social Media

Dear Readers,

I did warn you that sometimes you would be hit with a double whammy from The Lyons Den and today is one of those days.

Recently in my role as a Web 2.0 consultant I have been learning about and experiencing first hand the benefits of companies out on the big wide world, selling everything from sprockets to sports cars, getting involved in social media to advertise their brand and get their new and existing customers involved. From becoming involved in social media, companies can experience the following benefits:

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased customer engagement.
  • Increased knowledge of a particular brand, good or service and, seemingly very important to companies the world over, increased reputation and good name.

(NB-there are of course dis-benefits to companies getting involved in social media  but as the writer of this blog is a devout optimist they shall not be mentioned in this blog.

One company to adopt social media on a large scale and to pull it off well (like they do a lot of things in the view of this rev-head-minded writer) is the purveyor of “the ultimate driving machine” BMW.

BMW created a mass social media advertising campaign to celebrate the launch of the 1-series. The campaign called for users to do a spot of colouring in to personalise a pre-defined image of the car, in order to express the personality of the “colour in-er” as well as to emphasise the individuality of the car itself (for anyone who has seen the car in question “individual” is a nice way of expressing how a 1-series looks!).

They did this by posting links to the contest on social media be all and end all website Facebook. From there, users were able to colour into their hearts content, upload and share their images with their friends, have the posts about their activities in friends news feeds and when the images appeared online through search engines, they were able to capture the imaginations of other bloggers and social commentators.

As you can imagine this did wonders for increasing the awareness of the BMW brand, and did an excellent job of engaging new and existing customers. On a side note Facebook noted an increased volume of traffic as users interest in this campaign took over.

On a less public but no less effective scale we come to the example of technology behemoth Novell and their use of wikis. They have taken to wikis like a duck takes to water (or a fat kid takes to cake) and wikis have become integral to the development of Novells software and the teams that do the development. They have also lead the company to streamline their processes and take much more control of their management and planning. As a result of having more information at their fingertips more quickly, employees have become more productive and have been able to more effectively collaborate with colleagues, allowing more effective solutions to problems being created and shared with more employees.

This fact is most easily summed up by Ray Simms who is head of Novells Global Knowledge and Learning department:

“many development teams now cannot imagine doing their work without wikis since the wiki’s accessibility provides significant productivity improvements over traditional methods such as email and siloed desktop applications.”

No doubt wikis have become an integral part of what makes Novell the global technology leader it is today.

Well, I’m pleased to have kept things positive today. Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment!

That’s a wrap 🙂

Notable References: Making wikis work at Novell and an article on the above mentioned graffiti contest by BMW


Post 3-My use of Web 2.0 Tools

Dear Readers,

Well, its time for my third blog post as an Enterprise 2.0 consultant (a technical term) and this week, I want to share some of my personal experiences in using some of the Web 2.0 tools that you, my readers, might be familiar with. Tools such as wikis, podcasts, vodcasts and even social networking sites such as Twitter and our beloved Facebook are all considered Web 2.0 tools-that is tools that we can use to generate and share our own content. Tools that are a part of this shift from just reading content generated by others to generating our own content and sharing it with others.

However as many of you will have correctly noted, I’m not just studying web 2.0 but also Enterprise 2.0-the whole notion of these very tools being used in a business setting and allowing us as individuals and professionals to more easily and effectively get our work done. That’s what the evolution of sites like Twitface and Yammerpedia have done haven’t they? They have enabled us to get our work done and to be more productive. Web 2.0 tools don’t just mean that we can share our own ideas but we can also get ideas from others. Web 2.0 tools mean that if we have a problem we can just go and search for a solution on the internet or ask a question to a colleague or wider audience and get what is usually an almost instantaneous response. We also get that response in a language we can understand and make sense of. Web 2.0 tools mean we aren’t just limited to whatever answers we can find in that dusty old encyclopedia down the back of the library but potentially we can get our answers from whoever is hooked up to the interwebs (and there are currently an estimated 1.8 BILLION internet users) and we can usually get our answers and solve our problem or complete our work in less time than it takes to drive to the local library!

Now at this point I have to classify myself: I have had experience with many web 2.0 tools however I have not had LOTS of experience with any of them and this is where my argument begins to waver. This week I have been introduced to business-focused social networking site Yammer while still coming to terms with my organisation’s  Encyclopedic wiki. Yammer is essentially Facebook with elements of professional profile site LinkedIn while our wiki is seen as the first port of call for finding an answer to any IT problem that comes up. While I have no major issue with these websites and think that overall they are a good thing, I do notice that (based on experiences with sites like Facebook) as these sites get bigger and bigger, it is easier and easier to get lost in the information they do or don’t provide and they tend to fix things that aren’t broken in the first place. I’m sure Facebook chat is a good thing but why do the cronies in Facebook’s offices have to change the way it works so often???? I’m sure my office wiki will give me the answers I need but why do I need to sift through pages and pages of information when just asking someone is quicker and easier and will often give me a more direct answer???

Anyway, this post has gone on for long enough and I hope I’ve been able to comment on and make points for both sides. I love the idea of using web 2.0 tools like Yammer to ask a question of my colleagues and get a response even when we aren’t in the same room but at the same time, IT doesn’t appeal to everyone and my local GP isn’t much good to me if he’s had to study a bachelor of IT  to navigate a website instead of studying medicine to diagnose that funny lump behind my ear……….

Well, the rant is over and suddenly I feel much lighter.

That’s a wrap……


PS: Here are links to Yammer and LinkedIn


Post 2-Me and the Blog

Dear Readers,

Well, after many attempts to power on the after burners and create a second blog post that was, as my readers will no doubt attest, as riveting as the first, I’m just not sure this one raises the bar in any way. It has been a long few days, however it is early days yet for The Lyons Den and it is time to give the readers at least a small portion of what they want…….

I am willing to admit that I am new to the world of blogging like a new born bub is new to the concept of nuzzling up to the family Labrador for a nap however I feel that it is something I would like to continue with if for no other reason than to vent my frustration on an afternoon after a full day of nose to the grind stone. I would like to share my thoughts on technology, the blogosphere and life in general, especially life from the view of someone who can only ever raise himself to a height of 3 feet and gash peoples ankles with his footplates! I would like my horizons expanded through and my posts created from research and taking time to meet and share with other like minded people and finally (and most narrow mindedly) sometimes I just want AN OUTLET!!!!

It must be said at this point that during my schooling years I was a quiet, well meaning, disciplined chap who always did what was expected of him with little fuss (yes, yes, “teachers pet” I hear you whispering under your collective breaths). I feel that as I get older all that chatter I suppressed for all those years of Algebra and “Show ‘n’ tell” is starting to be unleashed. Therefore, don’t be surprised to come back only to have your world assaulted by the ramblings of a four-wheeled soapbox at least once a week. I intend to blog on whatever subject takes my fancy whenever it tickles my tum!

I also wish, from time to time, to introduce a blog to my readers that I think is excellent in some way shape or form and then go about explaining why. Lets call it the “Roar” award.

This weeks “Roar” goes to Mr Adam Hills, writer, comedian, presenter and generally nice guy. A guy I have looked up to for many years as inspiration for going into Stand-up (or in my case Sit-Down) comedy (well I had to have a backup after my quest to become a male model hit the skids!). He is also the bearer of a false leg so I feel a close bond with Mr Hills. It is his friendly, outward, honest and funny outlook and presentation that have ensured that every time he comes to Brisbane, I will be there to stalk him in the audience!

Big ups to you Adam!

Well, consider the steam let off for one more week. Be sure to tell your friends (as I have told mine) and tune in next week for another THRILLING installment. Until next time…..

Thats a wrap! 🙂

(Note: this post was actually meant to be published days ago however a certain four horsemen have only just left and normal service will be resumed as we get the house in order…….)


Post 1-My first post

Dear Readers,

So, my first blog post (OK, OK, so its actually for my Uni subject-build a bridge people……)

Well my name is Joe Lyons (Joseph Lyons to be exact but alas I am no relation to the former Prime Minister and anyways I’m 26 so calling me by my formal name just isn’t cool!).

While I’m willing to admit that a teenie tiny part of me enrolled in this unit so I had a full study load (hey at least I’m honest) my main reasoning behind enrolling in INB346 is because I do love the technology that is the interwebs (as such I am a regular user of Facetube and Youbook sites).

I’m interested in the fact that you really can find anything on the internet if you search enough.

I’m interested in the fact that slowly but surely we (being the worlds internet users) have moved from an internet where the information is thrown at us and we are expected to hang on for dear life, to an internet where we can edit and control not only the rate at which content is thrown at us but the content itself!

I’m interested in the fact that in the age of “The Web 2.0” we can not only share and view information but also edit, collaborate on and share information and ideas and not be concerned about large distances or different timezones.

I am interested in the fact that not only is this a trend that is becoming awfully big in the window (note the Apollo 13 reference) of our social lives but a trend that is also becoming increasingly mixed up in the vast void that is the world of business. As such, a unit entitled “Enterprise 2.0” seems quite pertinent and I am quite sure this unit will expand my knowledge and change my perspective on all of these subjects.

Finally, just because, a good thing that happened to me this\last week was starting uni again (yes well may your jaws drop but its a long story and yes I’m glad to have uni on my plate again)!

Well, that’ s a wrap!


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